Monday, February 28, 2011

February's End Looms

As February ends, I look back at my second month of daily painting with just a wee bit of pride that I've kept (almost) to my commitment of a painting a day....With few exceptions, I have been able to paint most of the day. When I looked at all the paintings at the end of January, I didn't really see an "artist" emerging as far as personal style, but I see a bit of it emerging, perhaps by the end of March.....Initially I was just going to paint to get through the winter blues, but I'm hooked now, and I look at every day as a fresh challenge.....


  1. You are doing GREAT! I love your pears on the Challenge -- really punchy color and value.

  2. Thanks Camille! That challenge was so much fun, I did 3 pear paintings using that then I had 3 disposable palettes going and decided it was time to quit!