Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inks and Drinks Michigan Style

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Headed to Michigan this week to do an Inks and Drinks class in Michigan with fellow artist Laurie Mueller.  Stay tuned for some great pics, Inks and Drinks is always a good time!  Hopefully, Laurie will make this a regular event in her home town.  I also have the privilege of being the artist of the month at the community house so I'll be showing my work there until it's time to put it in the FiYa Studios Pop up Gallery for November and December.  Ever have a feeling like you're on a treadmill that's going too fast and can't get off?  Yep, that's me!  

If you are interested in an Inks and Drinks class and are local to the Findlay Ohio area, you can sign up on the website

If you haven't already checked up my latest shenanigans with glass artist Kelly Alge, we are taking on a big venture and could use your help, check it out and share if you don't mind!


  1. Not sure I understand.... Is the Inks and Drinks in Michigan or Findlay, OH, or both? :)

    1. Both. Kelly will be teaching the class here in Findlay and I will be in Michigan teaching that class.

  2. Lovely artwork!! This is me smiling and waving from IL, as I celebrate the Lions (I grew up in Michigan!).

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  3. I was there and we had way too much fun, and made some fun art!! Kristen rocks!

  4. This was a wonderful class and so much fun! Kristen is a great teacher... and patient lolol!