Friday, March 28, 2014

Taking a Leap

5x5 fused glass, In Progress (after 2 firings) 
6x8, in progress, not yet fired

6x12 in progress, not yet fired, first attempt with the glass paint I have been developing.

In progress, experiments with glass paint continued (left 2 pieces) Poppies in progress, 2nd firing

Here are a few recent works in progress, most need another firing or two with additional detail.  I've been working on a variety of ideas lately, but I enjoy working from older black and white photographs I took years ago.  I am continuing my experiments with pigments and fluxes to achieve a paint with a viscosity that I am comfortable working with.  It is time consuming with lots of trial and error and failures, but with each failure I eliminate another variable.  As an added and unplanned for bonus, after taking the pastel workshop last month, I was inspired to also try to develop a line of pastels for use on glass so I am also using the pigments and experimenting with various formulas to achieve a usable pastel that can be fired on glass.  I have learned quickly that accurate measurement and precise note-taking are a must, something my ADD brain fights daily.  I owe much thanks to my good friends Gloria Moses, Laurie Mueller, and Trish Lyons Ansert  who encourage and inspire me to keep trying new things, offering much needed positive input and support.  My new kiln will make a huge impact on the direction I am able to go with my art.  And as always, I am grateful to my loving and patient fiance who trusts that I know where I'm going with this thing called art and taking a leap of faith that I will someday make a living with it :)

Finally, great news! (I saved the best for last) 

I received some unexpected news yesterday (coincidently, or perhaps prophetically, while I was picking up my new kiln at the time)  A couple of months ago I applied for a workshop at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning NY, located in the Finger Lake region of Northern NY. CMOG is the world's largest glass museum and home to The Studio, an internationally renowned facility that offers glass making classes from some of the top glass artists of our time. 

I applied for a week long workshop with artist Catharine Newell called "Taking a Leap"  Catharine is renowned for her use of glass powders in her work, a direction I have been taking recently.  The Corning Museum offers a scholarship program to cover the cost of the workshop and hotel costs for the week, including a day before and a day after the workshop to utilize the research library and museum.  I did not expect to be accepted, let alone get a scholarship for $1,500, covering almost all of the expenses of the week long course.  Needless to say, I am very excited for the opportunity!   


  1. Beautiful work! I hope the kiln is ready to go...congratulations on the scholarship-you deserve it! Don't forget about us little people!

  2. Congratulations on the scholarship and on your courageous "leap of faith" :)

  3. Hats off to you, Kristen! Can't think of anyone more deserving. Good luck!!