Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Last week my son left for Great Lakes Recruit Training Command in Illinois.  He wasn't expected to leave until April but got called up with little more than 3 days notice.   His presence is sorely missed by all of us, but particularly his beloved dog Liberty who doesn't quite understand why he is gone. Here she is saying goodbye.

When older son left for bootcamp 3 years ago I was a blithering mess.  I was so worried for him and since families do not get the information on where to write for several weeks, it's agonizing.   For a week or two I was glued to social media talking to other moms.  Finally, I realized I need to get back to life as usual so I painted scenes of boot camp and navy life.   All of the paintings I painted are now owned by the military families who found comfort in them.   I plan on doing another series in the coming months starting with a retirement photo of a Chief that was promised a year ago.  I also plan on painting this scene my son texted me as he arrived in Chicago.  It was the last text I received as he was in the Navy's hands as soon as he got off the plane.  his text simply said "Sunset Landing"  What a beautiful sight for him to see as he embarks on his new life.   Fair Winds and Following Seas my boy.

This year I made a calendar of my Navy Series to sell in a shop where my artwork is represented.  I've had numerous requests for prints and calendars of the series so I have decided to sell them with the proceeds after printing expenses donated to a family member of one (or more) of my shipmates who otherwise would not be able to see their son graduate due to financial expense.  If no family is in need I will donate the proceeds to the USO, a place I often found comfort while in travels during my active duty year.   I told my son to be vigilant for those recruits that need letters of support but also for those that may need extra assistance.  My son is always giving money to the homeless, I know he will be concerned for his mates as well.  I will start by taking prepaid orders for two sizes of calendars (one is a small desktop calendar and the other is the standard calendar.   Both contain the 12 different images. 

 Desktop Calendar $12

Wall Calendar $20 


  1. Thanks for sharing your art and life = )
    May you and your family be blessed!

  2. Prayers for you, your sons, and your family. God Bless the United States Military!