Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Many of you that have followed my blog since it's inception know that I have a good friend struggling with cancer and the subsequent economic difficulties that go along with it. He is a fellow artist who works full time and in the evening hours does what he can in his garage "studio". I've visited him there in the winter....It's unheated, uninsulated, and separated from the other side of the garage with a plastic sheet. His dream is to open a Gallery/coffee shop/artist co-op but for now he just deals with making the house payment and surviving. I posted a widget on my blog for a fundraiser I started for him to help with a house payment. Donors can give directly or purchase a gift card and a portion will go to help him. If you feel so inclined to help, please do. The image above is an example of art he does while sitting at local shows with a signature....If you would like your signature and a design of your liking made into a work of art, please let me know.

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