Friday, August 5, 2011

View from Aft

6x6 oil on panel $60 click here to purchase.

ok, even though I was in the Navy, I'm not sure if I'm using the proper terminology here...I know "fore" means forward part of a boat, and "aft" means after, so I suppose I am correct....this is the view from the back of our boat we have docked at Gem Beach Marina on Catawba Island in Ohio. This summer I've been a bit out of sorts with my painting because of distraction at home. I have 4 kids all home from school, and the in and out and interruption is very hard for someone who works at home. It hit me that I should take my own working staycation on the boat! It has a cabin with all the necessary living needs, air conditioning , refridgeratr, stove etc, and it just sits idly docked all week long. I'm thinking this week or next I'm going to pack my paints and escape for the week. If you are local, feel free to join me and paint, or just sit on the deck and enjoy the sound of seagulls and water.......


  1. Well, that's a dangerous thing to say. You could end up with fifty people on your boat. ;) Great painting though. If I were local I might take you up on that invitation.

  2. Kristen- Love this one...gorgeous colors....fingers crossed that this comment goes through. Love all the support you always give!!