Friday, September 16, 2011

A Good Day


Today was a good day for a couple of reasons (sniff, tear, tissue please....) For one thing, I sold a painting that meant a lot to me personally for the memories, but not because it was good artistically. It was one of the first paintings I made when I started my daily paintings this year. The best thing about it was that it went to a patron that was drawn to it for the same resaons I was....a simple love for the subject, and a personal tie to it. Every spring, her husband and son tap the few maple trees they have on their property, and through a labor of love, spend a month boiling down the sap on the family stove for their annual "yield". This painting was special to me because it represents some of the best memories I have of my childhood in my home state of New Hampshire.....thank you Tracy (and Kim) for bringing back memories for me today!

The other reason today was a good day was that it was the end of a 30 day fundraising cause for a friend fighting for his life with colon cancer. As many of you know, my good artist friend Scott underwent drastic surgery in February, and subsequent chemotherapy that continues until the first of next year. A fellow artist, his dream is to work full time doing what he loves, but for now he works full time at a menial/labor job to pay the bills, and he struggles with the mounting medical expense that will consume the rest of his life. I wish I could give more tangibly, but I have nothing to give but my friendship as support. Several of his friends and I started a fundraiser to cover one month of his mortgage, and I was amazed by the generosity of his friends and mine during such dire times for our economy. Many chose to remain anonymous, and I would like to thank everyone that gave, but here is to those I cannot personally thank, please know that your gift was appreciated.

I was raised to pay attention to those in need around me, especially the elderly and the sick. I'm happy to give in any way I can, and as an artist, one way is through my art. Do not hesitate to ever ask me for a donation for your cause, because it would be my pleasure.

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  1. First of all, beautiful, beautiful piece - no WONDER it sold! !!!!!!!

    Second of all, how about a Paypal fundraiser - on an ongoing basis, like they did for Carol Marine - this friend of yours seems to need the $$ even more than she did!