Monday, April 2, 2012

Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Still working on this one, just got into the figures so they look a little funny like blobs but here is #3 in the boot camp series...When a recruit arrives at book camp they can volunteer or just be chosen at random to join one of the performance divisions.  Now, I was given some sound advice by my stepdad that Navy is actually an acronym for Never Again Volunteer Yourself.  Especially at boot camp.  So I didn't volunteer for anything, but I have to admit when I first saw them perform and march with those flags I was really jealous.  I also finished the firefighting one I posted the other day.....I already have another one in the works for later this week.  I hope to get about 20 of these done so I can make a small book for my son when he gets out of bootcamp.
9x12 oil on panel
 Photo reference used with permission of US Navy Recruit Training Command.  Photography by Sue Krawczyk)

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your and your son's bootcamp training. Your paintings about it are great. I was a military wife for 25 years, so I love our military.