Saturday, April 21, 2012

These Boots are Made for Marching.....

8x10 oil on panel

I painted this before I left for my workshop last week but didn't have time to post it, so here it is now.....If you've been following my Boot Camp series, you know my son in in Great Lakes IL becoming a sailor in finest Navy in the world :)  He has less than a week left and I will be traveling to Waukegan to see him graduate...I am soooo proud, there are no words.....

Also, something for me to look forward to when I get back is an art form I've wanted to try for a long time...I used to do a lot of glass fusing before I started painting, and have somehow wanted to try to meld the two together....Kelly Alge has mastered it and is going to give a workshop on the ins and outs of Sgraffito drawing in glass.....Please visit her BLOG , her work is incredible.... Here is what I will be learning


  1. I like the graphic and almost abstract feel of the white legs and black shoes. Nicely done.

  2. Kristen, I am also a former sailor and mom of a new sailor. I have watched your paintings and am very happy the pictures posted are being preserved so excellently. I was wondering if you would consider trying a different branch of service. I am asking because my other son who is in the Army attended my sons graduation. I have a photo of him saluting the new sailors as they enter and was wondering if you would like to give it a try. Please let me know if your interested.