Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Paint New Problems

So I bought some paint for an upcoming workshop and needed some more white so I thought I would try the brand suggested by the instructor.  (the price was the same as most other brands so I figured I'd give it a whirl) Yikes!  this white paint is so slippery and loose it just mixes with the underpainting.  This is definately a work in progress but I think it needs to dry a bit  before I can do anymore.


  1. Nice painting, Kristen. I like how the hands and bright faced make "staccato-like" marks across your canvas. I also am drawn to the shape formed by the group of hats. Which "white" were you testing, and also which instructor recommended it, and why (if youcan share)? The whites do all handle differently on their own, and react differently with other pigments. The mood in this piece is also very strong.

  2. Even with the problems you say your having with the white, this is a very powerful piece! I love all your beautiful colors of white. I don't think it needs anything, as stated, it has a very strong mood!