Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing with Alcohol

8x10 on acetate

4x4 tiles
Now that the summer show season is winding down, I have time to play a little.  We've had cases upon cases of plain ceramic tile in storage waiting for me to find something creative to do something with and I think I've found it. These would make great coasters or a backsplash in a kitchen, or even framed alone.  Made with alcohol inks (purchased at any craft supply store in the stamping section) these inks only work on non porous surfaces(like glazed tile or acetate)  No brushes used!


  1. These are a really cool idea!! Great design and color are these permanent? See ya soon!

  2. Love these..they are bright, beautiful colors...fantastic!

  3. They look great, full of color. Will they blead the color if they get wet as a backsplash or a coaster?

  4. Hi Kristen! I love your ink paintings (as well as your oils). These tiles are wonderful. In reading the question by Anonymous, I wondered if the finished ink tiles could be sprayed with a sealer to prevent any future bleeding, fading or abrading? Maybe an acrylic sealer? Just a thought. I really admire and respect your dedication and your ability to move between mediums with grace and tremendous talent. It is an honor to have met you in Carole Marine's workshop!