Friday, February 22, 2013

Inking again!

 Flower Field  11x14  Bidding starts at $50 click HERE to bid

Poppy Field 8x8 ink on panel Bidding starts at $50 click HERE to bid

Birches 11x14  Bidding starts at $60 click HERE to bid

Ink painting again!  I'm obsessed with these inks and I've been neglecting my oil painting but hey, art is art right?  I'm hoping to have enough by summer to do some shows with them as well as with the oils.


  1. OH MY - I am loving these ink paintings! The colors are amazing! Found you on the 30 day challenge and looking forward to more of you work Kristen!

  2. I would like to start some ink paintings, not sure where to start. I love your art, Kristen :)

  3. KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!

    I *LOVE* YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!