Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trying to find my wings....

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Those that have followed my art for the past few years, or know me well, understand that I haven't quite found my niche or direction yet in art.  I feel like I'm refining my skills and style, but have yet to settle on something, my voice, I suppose, that sets me apart from other artists.  One of the topics that I enjoy and seems to elicit the most emotion is my Navy series that I started when my son was in boot camp and I was too frantic on how he was doing to focus on much else, so I painted pictures that the recruit training command posted weekly and generously gave me permission to use as reference.  I really enjoy painting this series, and as a veteran myself, I often can put myself in the shoes of the subject I am painting.  Perhaps this is my destiny for painting, but I'm not sure yet.  While I've been given permission to use the photos, I'd like to gather my own references and material myself, perhaps the Navy would let me on a ship to get some of my own shots (ha! not likely)  Another idea that hit me was, surprisingly, during the super bowl commercials.  My two favorites were the Budweiser Clydesdales, and the Farmer one by Dodge.  Both of them showed concepts that elicited emotion and the idea of the everyday life of hardworking Americans.  I have always been drawn to the American story and the American dream and memories of how I grew up in a small town.  The generations of today seem to be missing a lot of that and I hope to try to capture some of these ideas before they are gone forever.  Stay tuned, likely I will still be painting random stuff until I formulate a plan but I think I'm getting closer................

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