Thursday, March 3, 2011

Planning ahead is not my forte...

I've never been good at planning things out. I tend to jump head first into things and figure it out as I go...sometimes it works out, sometimes I realize I should have planned ahead. But always, I learn something. Take painting for example. Like most painters, I always paint a "ground" on my canvas rather than work directly on white.....Unlike most painters, I don't "plan" my painting first and choose a ground color. Often I just use whatever pile of paint is left on my palette and use it on blank canvases. Consequently I have many "grounded" canvases in all different colors. When I went to paint this beach scene, I didn't have any small canvases with a suitable ground prepared. A planner would have just held off on that painting, prepared a canvas of suitable size, and waited. Not me....I think I have ADHD....maybe....but I had just rec'd new paint in the mail and I wanted to use it.....So here is my finished 20x30 inch beach scene, much bigger than I wanted it to be, but I like it.

If you've never tried Daniel Smiths quinocrodine line of paints, it's a must! The pinks of the shirt are a quinocrodine rose, and they are very vivid. Quinocrodine gold is one of my all time favorites as well. I just purchased their set (they're all warm colors, transparents, and the set of 10 is cheaper than buying individually)


  1. Very sweet! I love paintings with children and this one is adorable!

  2. Love that pink. I have Daniel Smith watercolors, love them.