Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visit to the Dentist (again!) and flower in a jar

After a painting free weekend, (studio cleaning, building Ballistas for school projects (don't ask), and recovering from my Toledo visit) I am back in the studio with a flower and a jar (and a bottle of mylanta, but that painting isn't quite done yet, little trouble with the spoon).....I was deterred a bit today by my visit to the dentist where I had 2 (yes two at the same time) teeth drilled for crowns....now I have a very glittery temporary smile for two weeks....sigh....take care of your teeth people.

I painted this yesterday....lots of problems with the composition that I didn't notice until after it was too late.....regardless, I liked the challenge of the clear jar....Because of the upcoming two shows I am in, I don't want anything too complicated so I'm hoping the flowers will last the week....I'm taking good care of them.

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