Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carol Marine Workshop!

My first daily painting January 1, 2011


Just arrived in Aurora, Illinois for the Carol Marine workshop I signed up for months ago! What a perfect conclusion to my first year of "Daily Painting". Last New Years Eve when my family did our annual "bucket list" of things to try to do over the course of the year, I decided I wanted to give glass fusing a break and give painting a whirl, and do it daily (as much as is humanly possible) Carol's blog and her and her husbands creation of the Daily Paintworks Challenges were pivitol in keeping me on task through the year, and the gift of this workshop from my ever-supportive fiance is priceless.....stay tuned in the coming year for lots of improvement in my art!!

Since I've been on the road and crazy busy the last few weeks not painting, It seems appropriate to post my first painting, painted on New Years this year.....I did not have proper materials or money to purchase them, but bought 3 canvases at walmart and acrylic paint with my last $10....not enough for brushes, so believe it or not, this is a "finger painting" For all of you that want to paint, trust me, everyone must start somewhere, and for me, it was to go back to my youth where I remembered painting for the first time ever in kindergarten with chocolate pudding! What fun!

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