Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Can't think of a crafty title for this post, I'm out of practice on blogging as of late.....I was sick for a week, then spent several weeks on a fundraiser (separate post necessary for that one), Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, etc etc.....so I've been completely off any kind of regimen for painting and it's making me anxious to say the least. I have found I am happiest when I am creating and when other things get in the way of that, I tend to get crabby. Hopefully I can re-focus and get back in the groove! I did manage to squeek out this little guy for my step-dad's 69th birthday. (sorry, poor pic from my phone and I sent it to him before taking a proper pic) He works for the Audobon society and this is one of the injured eagles that permanently resides there. I understand he hung it in his office :)


  1. Awh...I think we all have way too much going on at this time of year. Really like this one...Here is a title for you...Salute! Thought that when I first saw it:) Good for you to keep hanging in there...even keel coming up soon! Take care!

  2. I'm with you! Things are crazy for me too. Glad you're feeling better.