Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iris no. 3

Well it's been a long week since I posted last! I have painted a little but not much.  I noticed I was in a bit of a rut so I took some time off from painting and went to my friend's house that is a glass fuser and did a class with her and two other lovely ladies.  I'm excited to see how our glass turned out and it was a nice break from painting.   The other big thing that happened in my life this past week that prevented me from painting was my 18 year old son leaving for the Navy.  He'll spend the next 8 weeks in Great Lakes, Illinois at "boot camp", hard to believe almost 20 years ago I was doing the same thing.....Ironically, Jared was born in a Naval Hospital, something tells me its in his blood.  Anyway, it was a sad experience to see him go, with just the clothes on his back, and a slip of paper with addresses and phone numbers in his pocket.  I expect a phone call around midnight or so tonight saying "I made it, love you"  and that's about it for the next couple months.  I have letters ready to mail as soon as I get an address, but that usually takes a week or so.  I'm not looking forward to receiving the BOX.  The box is what you get in the mail with all of your child's clothes and possessions he arrived with.....everything except your kid......Had I not been through it myself I would be worried sick, but I know he will do just fine.  

As far as painting, my distracted mind is hopefully back on track.  I am following the advice of a friend to try to do a series of paintings, at least 10 on a subject before moving on.  This structure is going to help me while my mind is still in a whirl with other things. I'm starting with flowers because the last two paintings I did before my "rut" were flowers and I figure with my current state of mind I need a little boost. So here is number 3 in the flower series, an Iris.  I used to paint irises every day when I worked in watercolor.  This iris is one of only a few that came up in my yard last year....I'm glad I took pictures!   


  1. This is beautiful, Kristen. Gorgeous brushwork and colors.

    Thank you to both you and your son for your service to our country. You are my second friend this week that has sent her son to serve in the Navy. My heart goes out to you both. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. HI Kristen! It is understandable how your mind and heart have been distracted by your Son's leaving. You must be so very proud (and he, of you or he would not be following in your footsteps inot the Navy). I pray that he will complete his service to our country safely, and never lose heart due to what he witnesses. And a huge thank you to both of you for your service.

    Your flower painting is gorgeous. I has a feeling to me of "oneness" which can be interpretted in so many ways. Beautiful brushwork as usual.