Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me and My Shadow

8x10 oil on panel
 Erika's 8x8 oil on panel
Today I had a studio guest and since it was a gorgeous spring day we decided to paint a fresh tulip in nice spring colors.....We both thought that the simple set up would be perfect.  Not so.  The tulip opened and blossomed before our very eyes, changing entirely by the time we were done painting.  Erika managed to salvage hers in a final act of desperation that involved a palette knife and firm ruler.  I, on the hand, not so much.  I do like how the shadow reminds me of when I was a kid and posing my shadow against the wall.  I thought I was a fashion model.  tee hee.  On the other hand,  It was interesting to meet another artist messier than I am.  She didn't even notice the paint she dropped until she stepped in it at least 20 times.


  1. This is a beauty, those blues are just wonderful and of course with the red flower!!! Awesome, bring on spring girls! Ericka did a great job, I love that nice juicy look.

  2. Nice work there. I try to do flowers and they come out looking like, well, blobs of paint.

    As for the floor, you should put down a canvas tarp and have lots of visiting guest artist like Erika. The messier the better. Then, ten years from now you can lift the tarp, put in over stretcher bars and have a real nice piece of abstract art to hang on the wall. Jackson Pollack would have nothing on you. ;)