Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wine Thirty

8x10 oil on panel to see finished version and to bid, click here
Wine companies are smart, because many times I buy a bottle of wine because I like the label and I might want to paint it some day.  I was lucky on this, not only did I like the label, but the wine too.  It's from a small winery on Kelley's Island in Ohio, a place we visit often in the summer.  This painting is not quite finished but it's as finished as it can be for today since its the Northwest Ohio Monthly Challenge group meeting that I host.   more later!


  1. I never realized how much I love chickens!

  2. Nice- love the red glass! Look at you- wonderful job on a complicated set up! Hope you had fun at the challenge group!

    1. Thanks Kathy! It's my favorite wine glass, I got a set of 4 at walmart for $5, they are almost disposable at that price! and of course they are fun to paint....wait until you see pics of the chalenge group ;) and don't believe everything you see in pictures! tee hee