Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prison Break

6x6 oil on panel Click HERE to bid 

I have overhead studio lights directly above where I have my still life table and usually they are off and I use an adjustable lamp for my light source, but when I was setting up these flowers I liked how the shadow landed on the table.  However, it didn't hit the flowers so well, and I didn't notice this until I was almost done painting and so I turned the front light on.  That brightened things up a bit but now it reminds me a bit of a scene from a prison break movie with multiple lights all on the perp. I may try this set up again tomorrow with different lighting.


  1. Kristen, your brushwork is gorgous and your color scheme is too! Nice painting (and great movement). I love how you let little pieces of the underpainting shimmer through the top coat.

  2. This very painterly, and fun! Hey Kristen, guess what I got today? Your (now mine) gorgeous Tulip and I looooooove it!!!!!!! Thank you, it is even more beautiful in person then on-line and I'm physic to own it. Also you really didn't have to send pretties but oh thank you!!! Yep it is going to look good on me, you have great taste all the way around!! : )

  3. Great way to show subjects with brushstrokes! I think you may like the Wu Xing painting principles I write about in my blog, give a look when you have time)