Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wheely Willy and Dreama

6x6 oil on panel SOLD
I "found" this little fella in my Mom's basement, she tends to hoard a lot of stuff down there, it's an artists still life dream.  Wall to wall shelves of stuff like this.....mostly antiques.  She keeps saying she's going to sell it on Ebay when she retires next year, but I think she likes her wall of stuff.  Whenever I go home to visit, I I like to browse  in her basement.  Last time I was there she threatened to lock it, but I managed to smuggle a few things out.  Tee Hee. (Hope she doesn't follow my blog)   I painted this for this weeks DPW challenge, paint something with wheels.  Wheels are harder than I thought, if you don't get them just right it's easy to see.  He has a cloth scarf that is really a checkerboard pattern  but I wasn't about to tackle that challenge.  He also has a string to pull him and when you do, his little cloth legs go up and down.  The rest is shiny wood.  I wish I knew his name.  I'll call him Wheely Willy

as for Dreama....I can't believe I haven't shared the best news yet!  I just signed up for Dreama Tolle-Perry's Nashville Tennessee workshop in April.  (yes it's my birthday gift from my fiance....Carol Marine for Christmas, Dreama for birthday....perhaps when we get married it will be Saeta for anniversary?  one can only dream...)  Now the only thing that would make it better is if my new bff  Laurie Mueller from Carol's workshop got off the waiting list and got in....it will be a road trip to remember!!! (normally I would link her blog, but she hasn't set one up yet. hint hint)  hint. 


  1. I love this...I hope someone snatches up this one with kids...you do this kind of subject matter really well...

  2. Wow, you nailed it! All of that gorgeous saturated color, and wonderful detailed highlights. He has great dimension and looks ready to go!

  3. I love Wheely Willy! Great reflections and shadow on the wall! He's so cute!

    Have fun in your workshop!

  4. I love the high contrast shadow! Great Painting!

  5. So adorable and so well-done! You nailed those highlights on the wheels! Have fun at your NEXT workshop. and your NEXT!