Friday, January 13, 2012


Well, I tried to paint a Still Life of Still Life with Still Life.....but my head just wasn't in painting today....I'll post my results, just to show what happens when life's events distract you....but I decided to leave it as is and start something new tomorrow........(I found out this morning that my other friend -not Scott-my artist buddy, who I blogged about the other day, this is a different friend, who was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago also, is now in the end stages and is home with hospice. It seemed like it happened so fast, and I mourn for his wife and 2 young boys who probably are not even aware of the grieving to come, as they've spent so much of the last year just being strong).

I did finish my 10 minute board today (the one I divided up on Jan 1st and do my 10 minute studies on) looks kind of cool all filled in!

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  1. The painting is mind boggling and awesome! I can't believe you did it, you have become fearless. The ten minute sketches all together really are very cool they both are amazing work!!

    I'm sure sorry about your friend and all that is to come, Kristen.