Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scouting Ahead....

6x6 oil on panel NFS

Jason Bishop (husband of my college roommate) passed away this morning after a courageous battle with colon cancer. He was 40 years old. I painted his portrait two days ago (see blog post "Coming Home" ) from a photo his wife had on her facebook page. There is another part of the photo I didn't paint that day, because I wanted the focus to be on Jason. Today, I painted the other part of the picture, his two beautiful young sons, Jacob and Joel. They too are looking up, perhaps thinking about the wonders ahead for their beloved father. Now, the focus should be on them, and Michaele, as they grieve. A friend posted on Jason's portrait, he said death should not be feared, and in Jasons case, perhaps he is just scouting ahead for his boys. I like that thought.


  1. You are an amazing painter and a true friend. So glad I got to meet you at a workshop in Charlotte. I am honored to call you my friend.

    1. thank you Jerry! I am the sum total of all of my experiences, and that includes my good friend Michaele Bishop....

  2. How very sad, Kristen. I am so sorry for the family, and I hope that your memorializing the "good times" for them will help them through this time of transition. Your painting is so lovely, and so timeless.

  3. I so hate to hear that. How wonderful of you to do these precious paintings.

  4. How thoughtful, and what a wonderful way to use painting in the healing process...my thoughts and prayers are with the family...peace.