Thursday, January 26, 2012

Morning News

6x6 oil on panel SOLD

I think I have figured out the problem with the glare and shine.  I've been trying to use more medium when I paint so I have a more consistant look when finished and there is no need for varnish or topcoat.  However, I'm not only having problems photographing, I'm having problems when I paint.  I'm thinking I will forego the medium while I'm still just getting comfortable with the paint and format I'm working with. 

Yesterday I had a lot to do getting ready for my first local monthly challenge group.   I thought by doing this weeks DPW challenge, and using the photo they provided would make it quick and simple.  Not so much.   Here it is nonetheless, I'm happily going back to limes today.  

Here is a new blog I started just for our new monthly challenge group.  Check it out! 7 artists participated, despite the ice storm, and we had a great time sharing! Time flew by!   I've linked blogs to the appropriate names if I knew it.   Daily Painters and Artists of Northwest Ohio


  1. Love how you painted from the photograph and made it look very interesting focusing on the figure.

  2. There is alot going on here textures, colors, perspectives and humans. I say you did an amazing job!! Really looks awesome.

  3. This is a beautiful composition,and as always, your brush strokes and juicy thick paint really sing!!! I was wondering if your reading of the book Carol recommended on Composition had any impact on the decisions you made in painting this--which portions to enhance, which to subdue; the "direction" of your shapes and brushstrokes; the "value patterns." Great job!