Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sock Monkey with Still Life

6x6 oil on panel Click HERE to bid

I've been in a bit of a painting rut the past couple days. The limes have been difficult, the weekly challenge took me 2 days to paint, and yesterday was a wiper. I was having problems with "muddy" colors and I decided that I was going to make a concerted effort today to not dip my brush so far into the terp, and to really clean it well between strokes.  It took me a lot longer, as I have to fight the urge to mix one color than the next without even cleaning the brush.   I am happy with the clean look though now that it done, but this was a tough one!

On another note, it's always nice when a customer shows you how your art looks on their wall/or framed. This is actually an office of a gentleman that works for the Audobon Society in New Hampshire.  The eagle is an injured permanent resident there, he will never fly again, but he has a good home. These were from last year, and painted months apart, but they look great together I think! 


  1. Cute! Yes, I do recognize that dish! :)

  2. Cute is right!!!The first thing I taught after that is look hope bright it looks, I think it was worth the effort. That little goofy face!

  3. I admire you for persevering through a tough time, and love this painting! Your sock monkeys are so "cute" (I agree) and it your reflected colors are helping to meld the various shapes together. What really caught my interest (I am always looking to learn!) is the relationship between the sock monkey and the blue face/neck/arms shadow cast upon the wall. The "space" you have created there looks real, and he does not look like a cut out(which can easily happen). The way that you have handled that edge particularly along the arm, neck, lower face creates beautifully the illusion of "space" behind him and the wall. This issue is something that I wrestle with, and when I try to "soften" my edge I end up with mud (but yours is not mud--it is clear yet atmostpheric at the same time). How did you achieve that?