Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When life gives you limes, paint them.

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A couple of days ago I asked my son to pick up a lime for me to make Tortilla soup.  He came home with a bag of 20 or so....ok, I thought, not what I needed but I'll figure something out.  It took me three days of seeing them sitting in the fridge to realize I should paint them.....(yes, a little slow, this artist )  This is yesterday's painting but I finished it too late for a decent photo so here she is, still not a great photo.  Perhaps it's not the photo that's the problem.  Oh well, it's my first lime painting.  I'm working on  another line one right now with a similar color scheme.  I'm thinking that is part of the problem too.  I can't seem to get the purple correct.   Anyway, tomorrow is the first meeting of a new group I started locally, Daily Painters of Northwest Ohio.  I opened it up to all media though and we will have a graphite artist and a glass artist among the rest of us painters.  I'm excited to do this even though it goes completely against my grain to organize something like this, not sure what got into me.   It's a good thing though, since I rarely leave the homestead in the winter except to go to the store or mailbox.   More good news today as I was just checking my email!  My painting of the sock monkey sold!  The paint isn't even dry yet!  This was a pleasant surprise because I really needed the extra cash this week! 

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