Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friends and Family for Forty and Findlay Fire Sale

All of the paintings in the above grid are currently available for this sale!  (as of Fri 5pm eastern, grid is updated with new items to replace sold, thank you for your purchases!)

Good afternoon friends –
I'm having a sale on all my daily paintings and you’re invited!

So here’s the deal, I have lots of daily paintings that need a good home so I can make more.  I am rapidly running out of drying shelf room, and I also need to generate some funds so I can apply to be in some upcoming art shows this year (the booth and application fees tend to be very pricey)
Here are the details…

• It's the Friends and Family for Forty $ale
• Every painting WITH SHIPPING included  (to the lower 48, international please message me for shipping) is just $40!
• Paintings are unframed
• All are painted 6x6 oil on panel
• Sale ends Wednesday february 29 at midnight

***last minute breaking news-there was a large apartment fire in the town where I live that has been wonderful in supporting my art.  25-30 families are homeless so I will be giving 10 percent of all sales of this event to the victims of the Findlay Ohio fire.

my drying wall is full to overflowing, they're now lining the floor....

Email me at or contact me via Facebook to buy a painting. First person to contact me about a particular painting can buy it. I've included a paypal link for $40 that takes you to paypal and you can pay without having to make an account.  Please just verify I still have the painting before making payment. thanks!

Warm Regards and all that...

This is a special introductory offer will not be offered again, (or until I run out of space, or money.  ok just kidding, I would like to make it an annual studio clean up event)
 If you're not interested at this time, but don't mind sharing with your friends, I would greatly appreciate it!  If you are super annoyed by this, let me know and I’ll exclude you from any possible future events.
***I would like to credit fellow daily painter and facebook friend Trevor Howard with this fabulous marketing idea.  Feel free to check out his daily paintings as well, and follow his blog.  He's new to this daily stuff so only has a few followers, but his paintings are fabulous! and artists need all the support they can get.


  1. I'm sorry I missed the sale!! Hope you did great!

  2. you didn't miss it! I just started! so far everything is still available! I had the wrong link on my fbook went to nowhere :)

  3. Creative in painting, and creative in marketing!!!! The sky is the limit for Kristen Dukat! Beautiful grid of your work.