Thursday, February 23, 2012

Art in the Round

Oil on 78 vinyl record Click HERE to bid

8x10 oil on panel Click HERE to bid

Last night at our challenge group we decided on 2 challenges for next month, one of them is just using the theme "Green", to be interpreted any way you want.  The other was simply because I have 3 boxes of old 78 vinyl records sitting in the barn taking up space, so you guessed it, painting on the record.   Today I primed several with spray acrylic primer.  When dry I'll sand them and then paint, but I also wanted to see if I could paint straight on the record since it has grooves for a bit of tooth.  It is a very nice surface to paint on, the oils don't get sucked into the board like canvas or gessoboard.  I'm not quite sure how to deal with the hole in the middle yet, in this case, perhaps a worm in the apple?  or clock workings?  Either way, it's pretty darn cool, and for sale.  Bidding starts at $1

I also finished my painting from yesterday.


  1. Kristen you are so creative! Beautiful job on the wine and cheese!!

  2. Kristen, your "Good Girl" still life is lovely! Both Good Girl your other wine painting (Wild Girl Wine) are superb! SO FUNNY how in Wild Girl, the wine and lipstick are lying down and in Good girl, the vino is vertical! Your rounded forms are so incredibly volumetric and gorgeous.

  3. Love the apple on the vinyl record, it is fun and unusual. The apple in itself is rough and expressive. Nice done.