Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunny Days

8x10 oil on panel click here to bid/buy (bidding starts at $30)

This week started out great, I finally feel like I am back to my old self again.  Hard to believe it's only been a week since my son started bootcamp, but after the week of my pity party, I decided to pull myself out of it and get back to business!  I started walking everyday too, and it helps quite a bit, especially since we're having gorgeous spring weather.  I'm back to flowers again until I finish my goal of ten, but I may do a DPW challenge in between since these weeks challenge is painting donuts and I've always wanted to paint a jelly donut.   


  1. I'll have a pity party of my own in a few months when my oldest starts college :( But THIS is a lovely little painting :)

  2. Nice painting, Kristen! Great movement and wonderful design. I see you already have bidders--congratulations!

  3. I really like the bold composition, colors and brushstrokes in this one. Nice job.