Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SOS please help an artist in need

For those of you that have been following my blog since I started, you know that one of my dearest and most loyal friends has been battling colon cancer for the past year and a half.  He has undergone major surgery, radiation, and ongoing chemotherapy.  Two months ago he received the news that everyone was dreading: 6 months at best.  Scott has been out of work since he began battling his illness and the medical bills are piling up, as well as regular household bills.   As he continues to try to fight this horrible disease with experimental treatment, he lives in a sweltering old house with his wife and 2 children with an electrical system that won't support air conditioning.  I know this past Father's Day was bittersweet for him, and it's too painful to imagine how this summer home with his kids must be for him. Even the thought of a final family vacation is just a pipe dream for Scott.  Final expenses will be an extreme hardship in not an impossibility for the family if a miracle doesn't show up. 

Scott is an artist like many of us and dreams of leaving this world with dignity and with a legacy. Throughout his struggle Scott has maintained the most positive attitude I have ever seen, always available to help his friends.  My wish is to raise enough money for the family as well as a scholorship fund to an art school in his honor, art is what keeps him going everyday and has been a huge part of dealing with his battle with cancer. 

 I know many of you have helped in the past when I asked for help for him, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know, but this time it is more important than ever, and no amount is too small. Even just sharing this story with your friends and followers is a gift.   I am organizing a major fundraiser in August in my hometown and if you wish to help or donate there are several ways you can do so, and one doesn't cost a cent.  In my life experience I have found artists to be the most generous of any other group of people.

1.  Donate a piece of art for our silent auction.  Scott's deep love and appreciation made this fundraiser a no-brainer, it has been his dream to have an event with artists and art from everywhere.  If you are willing to donate art or even another item for silent auction please contact me via email at fundraisersos@yahoo.com for my mailing address.  I will be happy to pay for the cost of shipping, just let me know the cost.

2.  Sponsor one of Scott's friends or family members who otherwise could not afford to attend the event.  (or attend yourself!) Ticket prices are $50 each for the SOS Gala on August 10th and that price is simply out of reach for many.  Our theme will be Caribbean Treasure and will feature Glass City Steel Drums and other live bands and entertainment. Official details such as time and location will be available no later than this friday, but it will either be in Findlay Ohio or Toledo Ohio. Click the Donate button below for this option. (please specify with the donation if this is a sponsor or a ticket purchase) (if you wish to purchase or sponsor a table of 8, please email me directly at fundaisersos@yahoo.com and I will send an invoice)  

3.  WIN a commissioned masterpiece.  My friend Kelly Alge who is the amazing glass artist that gave me my start in fused glass is selling a  chance to win a commissioned piece of your choice for a $5 donation. ($700 value) ..Here is an example of several of her recent pieces.   To donate for a chance to win a piece like this with your idea in mind click HERE   Feel free to enter as many times as you wish to increase your chances.

4.  Make a donation for ANY amount through paypal 

5.  Send him a message of hope.  Our theme for the Gala is SOS (support our Scott) and it will be a Caribbean party with messages in a bottle.  We will be collecting messages to put in a giant bottle for Scott to read as he continues his battle.  you may email me your message at fundraisersos@yahoo.com  and I will add it to the bottle for the event.

6. Purchase one of his mugs or prints depicting one of his drawings of the drug attacking colon cancer OR breast cancer (his sister is currently fighting breast cancer) 
Here is his WEBSITE 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

View looking west before noon

I'm at the point in this painting where I am close to finished but don't want to "kill" it with unnecessary strokes. I'm going to walk away for a few hours and see what jumps put at me when I come back. Suggestions welcome.

Monday, June 18, 2012

View from my yard looking west

8x8 oil on panel click HERE to bid
8x8 oil on panel. It was a stormy day so I painted from a photo from last summer. This is a view I see every day and when the hay is near harvest as it is about now it creates an incredible golden contrast to the fresh green of the growing corn and soybeans of neighboring fields. I hope to capture this scene again from a different perspective.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plein Air Crash

Little Red Schoolhouse 12x16 oil on canvas 
To bid click HERE

"Bobcat" Oil on Panel 8x10

"Plein Air Crash" 6x8 oil on linen 

Summers are always so busy and crazy and this one is no exception so I've decided not to put too much pressure on myself to blog as often as I'd like and maybe during the summer months, share updates weekly.  I've been working on my new skills I learned at Kyle Martin's workshop and I'm really learning how to see value and color temperature.  On of Kyle's bits of advice were to stop looking around for pretty pictures and look for good design and contrast.  So you will see that some of my subjects are a bit ordinary but It allows me to focus entirely on learning about value while painting plein air....the one of a farm scene had a bit of an "accident" after my easel tipped over under very suspicious circumstances since there was not even a hint of a breeze...hmmm one wonders one wonders....Anyway, I kind of like the effect of the accident.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kyle Martin aka "kmart" Workshop

12x16 oil on Panel  

Just a quick post and some pics from this weekend's workshop with Kyle. (to view his blog and artwork click HERE) We couldn't have asked for better weather or company for this plein air workshop. Kyle was an outstanding teacher with a lot of energy (more than me if that is possible...) We're already planning our second painting event with him hopefully this fall on Kelley's Island in Ohio.  This workshop was held in Lima Ohio at the studio of Ruth Ann Sturgill and all but 2 of the attendees were "alumni" from Carol Marine's workshop last year so we had a great time catching up on the "good ol days" and making new friends that fit right in to our eccentric little group.  I'll write more tomorrow about what I learned, but I can tell you this: I will be using a lot of sunscreen and bug spray this summer.....stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up and Planning Ahead

I'm trying to plan ahead for an upcoming show I have at the end of July by framing some of my completed glass works and looking into how to display my 40 or so 6x6 paintings from this past winter......I have a painting workshop this weekend so I am excited to get back into painting again and leave the glass on the back burner for a bit......

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's Efforts

 Both of these are about 4.5 x 5.5 inches fused glass.....
This one is approx 4.5x6.5