Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcake For Mom

My mom asked me to paint a lemon cupcake for her birthday. I took this request seriously because she's never asked me to paint her anything and she said she liked the other cupcakes I painted several months ago. I spent yesterday baking cupcakes to actually paint. I knew exactly how I wanted the cupcake to look, and the rest of the family didn't seem to mind having lots of extra cupcakes around. Today I painted the cupcake...3 TIMES. I like one of them, but as luck would have it, it's the wrong orientation for the wall that she will hang it. I don't remember the cupcakes I painted before being so difficult, but my painting style has changed over the past few months and I'm not sure if she will like my looser style.....we shall see. As I was painting the cupcakes my mind drifted back to when I was a kid and my mother would let my sister and I take over the kitchen to concoct things. She was busy working in the next room so she didn't seem to mind, and we loved poring over the cookbooks to see if we had the right ingredients for a delicious treat. Thanks Mom, for giving us free reign to learn!


  1. Awh, I love all three of these. You know your mom will treasure anything you give her because you did it for her. The fact that you tried so hard- priceless. Really special:)

    Thank you, my beautiful daughter.
    They are all perfect!