Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Birds and Little Bets.....

So I read this article by Robert Genn on facebook the other day called Little Bets (click here to read The long and short of it is that it's better to get lots of experience making little mistakes along the way, then wasting a lot of time on one big one....This is perfect for daily painters, it takes the stress out of painting....However, when I started painting I didn't anticipate exhibiting and I was painting on inexpensive supports that cost more to frame than the painting is worth.....alas, what to do now? I don't like the stress of painting on expensive supports, it cramps my style....Anyway, I found a friend on Facebook who is allowing me to use many of his photos for reference to paint....I would like to start a project of 100 paintings from his "library" from Barbados. It's a place I've never been but looks incredible, and one of the points in the article was to choose a topic or subject matter that you are interested in, will not tire of....I think If it was something like flowers, or animals, or something else, I might get bored....I don't know...anyway, it gives me goal, so here is painting number 1 from Barbados John's album....a wee little bird in the surf.


  1. What a great idea, Kristen! I love your energy and enthusiasm! This bird is lovely!

  2. I forgot to thank you for sharing this link! Also, have you painted on masonite? Its fairly inexpensive. You can buy a large sheet at a lumber supply store, and have it cut to your specifications.