Monday, April 11, 2011

Plein Air and Sunburns

Yesterday's temp of 84 broke a new record in our area...but I loved every glorious minute of it....I spent much of the day outside puttering around the yard, relaxing with my daughter, and playing cornhole. I even managed to paint a couple paintings. I've never done a plein air painting before and needless to say, I need to practice. This is a view of 3 small barns across the road from where I live. I have a feeling I will be painting this scene alot, which is good because it is far prettier than this! The other painting is just another version of Carol Marine's weekly challenge landscape...I was experimenting with more color.....


  1. Both are very nice. I like the looseness of your brush strokes.

    I've never heard of "playing cornhole". What is it?

  2. Cornhole is a midwestern pasttime I suppose!....It consists of two angled boards that are about 25 feet apart with a hole in the middle.....Corn filled beanbags are tossed into the hole by participants from opposite ends....I will post a pic next time I play.....It's quite fun and is great for summer barbeques!