Friday, April 15, 2011

Easels and Cows

Today I opened my mom's birthday gift to me, a new field easel in preparation for the Peggy Kroll Roberts workshop I am attending in May...I had to break it in and muddy it up so I don't look entirely like a "newbie" when I get there. I painted this cow today, and gave pthalo blue a whirl....I'm not a fan of pthalo, but as I dig thru my paints I find I have 3 almost full tubes of it, not sure why...I'm guessing I bought it on clearance somewhere....


  1. Yay for you- new easels are fun!! I wanted to get some paint on mine too!! What did you get?? Post a picture for us!! Love the cow- wonderful brushwork.

  2. I like the cow--red against the blue background. And yea for the new easel.

    I dug through my paints today and found multiple tubes of various colors, and some strange colors that I never use. I think I either like their name, or else they were on a supply list for a long-forgotten workshop.

    I just bought a book by Helen Van Wyk and she recommends Phalo Blue and Pthalo Green. I've never been a fan of either because they are so strong, but maybe I don't know how to mix them.

  3. Kathy-I'm not sure what kind it is, it came from Dick Blick, I'll take a pic...I love it though, it's not as cumbersome as my big one! Virginia, I feel the same with viridian green, I like sap green better....Maybe I'll use them more often just to see what they can do....I do like pthalo turquoise for water scenes, it's very carribean looking!

  4. Neat painting. Really a fun one to look at. You didn't mention a brand name of your new easel ..... Happy Birthday. What a great gift. I have a new one also and paint stains on it is definitely a must.
    Again... really a neat painting.